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For many users there are three things that can annoy and frustrate:

There are many reasons why the above can occur and all may be resolvable but you first need to find out what is wrong.

i-c-why offers a FREE evaluation of your computer if you bring it to the office. This will identify the obvious issues and plan possible solutions.

Many computers simply need a quick Health Check that will remove any background Malware and carry out all system updates. It will also advise on any software that could be considered 'surplus to requirements' that could be removed to improve performance. The Health Check will also perform a quick evaluation of the hardware to make sure it is not the possible cause of a problem.

If your computer works but will not let you do anything, you may have a virus that needs to be removed. Some viruses are relatively easy to remove, some are not. Book your computer in for the FREE evaluation and we can plan accordingly.

Your computer is broken: It will not switch on or when it does, it just beeps at you or hangs or switches off again. Your laptop screen is broken etc. Again, book your computer in for a FREE evaluation and we can discuss options. Even if your hard disk has issues, it is often possible to recover vital files and data from the unit. Do not despair!

i-c-why does do home visits as some problems can only be resolved in the home environment. This can be WiFi and wired network issues, internet speed queries, linking computers together etc. Again, please speak to us and book a consultancy visit.

Some of you will already know what the problem is. Maybe you want more RAM or a bigger Hard Disk for your computer but don't want to do this yourselves. i-c-why can do hardware upgrades and can often migrate your old system to a newer bigger hard disk without you having to re-install all your software.

For any IT related queries, please do not hesitate to call 01992 577670 or email