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Secure Your Data

What is the worst that can happen?

It is often stressed that everyone should backup their data, documents and personal files stored on their computer. What could cause the nightmare scenario for your PC or Laptop?

Implement a Simple Backup

The simplest way to backup photos and and other non-changing files, is to burn them to CD/DVD. This can also work for historical files that you need to keep but will only rarely edit.

Backup to an External Drive

You can also backup your data to an external drive. In this case it would be advisable to make use of backup software that can manage the backup process efficiently.

Cloud Backup

There are many suppliers of Cloud storage and Backup facilities, some are better than others. The Cloud is a portion data storage on the internet that can be assigned to a user and in the same way as an external drive can be used, you can also copy/backup data to the Cloud.

Cloud Connect

Cloud connect is an advance on Cloud Backup but where you can synchronise multiple users and machines. This way you can share your data from work with your home PC or between your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone. Version control is often also available should a file be accidentally edited or deleted.