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Data Management

Data Manipulation

Data is now a major asset and tool for many businesses but just as often is neglected and mistrusted.

Many organisations store data in spreadsheets where it is difficult to control and often very open to accidental change or corruption. Data stored this way often becomes non-standardised and difficult to work with.

The main trigger to cleaning the data is a change in system or a new business requirement. This job can then become a barrier to that change.

i-c-why can implement a process that standardises and reformats the data into the new desired construct but does it in such a way as to not alter the original data. It does this by writing procedures to extract the old data from source and then by a series of routines, format the data into the desired result. This method allows the original data source to be retained and refreshed whenever required and as such can be a very useful tool for parallel running of any new system.

Data Updates

There are some annual routines that organisation can dread. This includes updating stock prices or trimming a product list or de-duping a customer database. i-c-why can often help with this process by using the experience of many years of data work to accomplish an organisation's needs.

Data Merging

Your organisation has merged with another and you need to consolidate data. Using the same techniques as with the data manipulation, multiple sources of data can be standardised and merged into a new complete data set. This process is iterable in that it can be repeated as many times as necessary as data is not manually changed but standardised by processes.

Or do you just have spreadsheets you need tidied?

Whatever your need, if your data is getting on top of you, please email or speak to us.